This week we have Olivia Anderson,  who is Flat Out Mum writing us a review after her twins had a play with the mini Automoblox cars.

Olivia has 4 boys, the youngest are 3 1/2 yr old twins!  No wonder this lovely Mum is FLAT OUT!  The blog is great fun and Olivia also shares my love for flat shoes.  And we're not talking the boring style sandals nana used to wear!


Automoblox mini review 


Our twins Jack and Harry are three and a half years old. Having two older brothers, they are used to playing with the left over hand me down toys. So when the package arrived from Lucas Loves Cars and it wasn’t even their birthday, they were over the moon! 
The Automoblox cars are amazing. Firstly we love the look of the wooden toys, they just exude quality and durability. Something very important in a house of 4 boys! They were very easy for the boys to pull them apart and they loved the fact that they were interchangeable. They swapped colours, shapes and the wheels to find their best combination. 
Automoblox mini review | Lucas loves cars
Notice the wheels don't match the roof, they have been mix and matched.
They line up nicely on the Autobahn Tape.  


Normally when the twins play together (especially with new things), there is fighting as they struggle to share. I can honestly say they played happily for hours, especially when we used the Autobahn road tape to design a track around their bedroom floor! 
We would definitely be giving Automoblox as a gift in the future. They provide endless hours of creative play, as well as being beautiful looking toys that can be used for generations. I can’t believe we haven’t discovered them sooner! 
Olivia (Flat Out Mum)


Each boy had their own set of Automoblox minis. It just was going to be too hard to split a pack of 3 between the two boys! Each set is slightly different but all the cars can swap and change together.
Automoblox mini  - wooden cars       Automoblox mini  - wooden cars



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Automoblox mini  rescue - wooden cars police fire 

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