Warning: There are no cars, or trucks, or wheels in this packet.  

Some things are just so much fun that they have to be tried.  These tattoos are definitely in that category.  When we saw them we fell in love with the simple, fun idea.  It's just amazing what technology can do nowdays!


The dragon is a cutie.


These Miracle Tattoos are cute temporary tattoos AND they have a special 3D element which will amaze and entertain. Lucas has been telling everyone that he sees about them and showing them the 3D images.  He's a great salesman.

The pack comes with simple instructions and the APP to bring the tattoos to life is free.

Each pack has 24 tattoos, 8 designs (3 of each design)  There are dragons, robots, unicorns, fairies and many others.  There are enough here to share them with playdates, cousins, brothers or sisters.  And with so many there will even be enough for everyone to have a few.



So many fun tattoos. 


We have cut the price of these fun tattoos to ONLY $8  but only for a short time. 

They will go back to the regular price on July 21, so get them now.


Have a look at the video we made to demo just how cute they are.  The filming is very unprofessional, but I'm sure you wont mind.  It's all about showing you the fun and the end result! 


If anyone has any tips on making films that look a little less home made feel free to add them into the comments.  




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