Lucas loves receiving mail in the letterbox with his name on it.  He's always asking, is it for me Mummy?

He is also getting better at his writing and I love anything that encourages him to practice, so last week we tried out the In the City Stationery set.



When I was younger I loved having a pen pal.  I would collect writing sets. There was something about the pretty paper and envelopes that appealed to me.  Maybe it's an extension of my basic stationery fetish.

Now that I am older, and too mature for silly things like pretty paper (ha!) I have discovered I can pass my enjoyment onto Lucas.

Lucas, of course, is much more interested in writing letters because there is a chance that he will then receive a letter back!  

Giving him a stationery set covered in cars was a huge hit and the excitement levels when he opened the pack were easily transferred from the product design to the product activity. 



The stationery pack comes with two different designs. The writing sheets have two different colourful designs and the envelopes also have two different designs.  

Each of the designs are packed with cars of all sorts.  Fire engines, police cars and bicycles all part of the busy cityscape screen and they are perfectly matched to a sheet of stickers that can be used on the letter, or to decorate the envelope.


Once the letter was written and safely tucked into its envelope Lucas very studiously copied the address of his friend onto the back of the envelope (oops! I'm sure I did that as a kid.)  Then we put the stamp on and mailed it.

I wonder if we will ever live in a world without 'snail mail'. I hope not.  

I love receiving a card in the mail, something without the dreaded 'window'. 





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