Are you creative?  Some people PIN ideas on Pinterest but don't do them, some look at the crafts that others do, admire them and say 'I wish I could'.   Some find a project, complete it and make it look so easy. (That's my Mum)

 I love to start a new project.....and then......hmmm.   It's not that I'm a quitter.  It's just that there are so many exciting things out there to make and create, and sometimes the hard part is the last little bit.

Yes, I am that person who has a long (really long) long list of UFO's ( Un-finished Objects) 

Don't look at me like that!  I have finished a number of gorgeous things. There are people out there with quilts that took me YEARS to complete. Enjoyable, fun and creative years.  Most of that time was spent with the half finished project in a box in my wardrobe.  

I take a photo of things I have finished and put them in an album. (I have recently heard that this is not unusual.) It's important to have something to remind myself that I can do it and also to remind myself how great it is when it's complete.  

Most of my crafts go to other people, sometimes it's for kids, so I usually plan ahead. I kind of have to! Kids don't stay little for long.  When my friend has a baby boy I will start knitting him a jumper size 2.  ( almost finished that one - he's almost 1)

So this week I was so proud of myself when I finished a little project WITHIN A WEEK!

Partly because it was small, and partly because I was determined and I had a deadline!  A deadline certainly helps to get things done around here.

It was my Mum's birthday and it was one ending in 0. A BIG one.  I had a boring gift for her, something that she wants, because she doesn't need anything.  (don't get me started on how hard it is to buy a present for anyone over 30)

So...each night I sat and knitted a little bit.  

And this is what I made.


 Can you see the hearts in the pattern?

This is what it looks like on the blog where I got the pattern.

They must have used special lighting and ironed it or something.  Doesn't it look lovely? 

The description is that it's a dishcloth, but I decided half way through that it is too pretty and soft so now it is officially a beautiful face washer.  

I keep thinking it's like the pottery 'pen holder' that every kid gives to a parent when they are in primary school.  Is it really useful? I know she will love that I made it, but does she really like it?  Or will it be in the top cupboard because it's 'too special to use.'

I'm going to try again....I think I can do better.  My friends will all be getting a 'dishcloth' for their birthdays this year.


Do you finish your projects?  I'd love to hear from you if you are a UFO collector too! Or maybe you have some quick, fun projects that I could try?

- Helle.


P.S - This is the direct result of me quitting Candy crush!  

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  • Trish

    Great work Helle, it’s amazing what can be achieved by quitting candy crush! I try to put my iPad etc away so I can do some knitting or quilting. Your face cloth looks great. I hope your mum likes it, a gift made with love. ?

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