This week we have the lovely Tash, her little guy and his car crazy friend doing the road test for us.

Tash is the clever person behind Gift Grapevine, who are having a birthday too!   She has spent the last year finding great gifts, and this week she had a play with the Autobahn road tape and a few mini Hape cars.  We think these cars are cuter than Matchbox, and have always loved the road tape (we always have a roll in the toy box) and we wanted to hear if they are still a winner with the younger kids.  It is! 

 Autobahn tape review


Meet Mr H. He’s one of my son’s besties, has just turned 3 and is a cheeky soul with gorgeous big brown eyes. Mr H is also crazy about planes, trains and cars. Every Tuesday morning, I meet with Mr H and his Mum at our Mums Group and without fail, Mr H will have a car in each hand.
Who better to review car related toys than a car obsessed 3 year old?
As soon as I showed Mr H the packaging of the Hape mini vehicles his eyes lit up. He couldn’t get the Racer, Roadster and Trailblazer vehicles out of their packets quick enough.

The mini vehicles are made of bamboo and are light, sturdy and super-fast. There were immediate sounds of “brmmm brmmm” from Mr H as he started racing them across the floor. While Mr H was occupied zooming the cars around, his Mum and I set up the Donkey Products “My First Autobahn Road Tape”. I’ve been eyeing this road tape off for some time so was keen to try it out.

Think masking tape but printed with a road design and you’ve got a versatile racetrack to go anywhere.

We stuck the tape on the wooden floorboards and Mr H set to work happily zooming the mini vehicles around the tracks. This tape could also work well on tiles or even carpet. Mr H’s Mum called me later that night to say that the tape was easily removed from their floorboards without leaving any residue.

Mr H’s Mum was impressed with the generous length of the tape – at 33 metres there is plenty to go round. She will be taking her family home to New Zealand soon for a holiday and started to think of all the possible uses for the tape:

- Sticking it onto tray tables on the plane
- On the floor when waiting in airport lounges
- Hotel room floors
- When out and about – she even suggested creating a track around Mr H’s plate when out at restaurants!

I could also see the tape being great for wall borders in kids’ rooms, handy for rental houses and even used creatively when wrapping gifts.

The tape comes in a gift box with a little pull-back red car included. Although cute, I found this particular car a bit small and flimsy for my liking. Mr H called it the “crazy car” as when he pulled it back and let it go to zoom, it spun around and didn’t stay on the road track. If giving the road tape as a gift, I’d recommend also getting a Hape mini vehicle as they are sturdier and a better quality and size for the road tape.

The mini vehicles and road tape kept Mr H happy and busy for a good hour. At $22 for the road tape gift box and $9 for a Hape mini vehicle, both would make a fantastic gift for any child aged 3 and over who is crazy about cars.

    bamboo hape race car           


What a great review!  Thanks Tash.  There were even some ideas for keeping the kids entertained while travelling.


There is good reason the My First Autobahn - Road tape has been in the Top 10 since it arrived in the garage.  It is fun, versatile and so cool.

It is so well matched to the bamboo Little Hape vehicles. Which one would you choose?! 

 hape little autos bamboo cars


- Helle 

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  • Shan@FortyUp

    Wow – great product! Love the ideas of how it could be used while travelling! x

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