This week we have had a guest reviewer.  The lovely Danielle from She will Shine and her 5 year old have road tested the Rubbish Truck vehicle jigsaw puzzle.


What did you think of the product when it arrived?

When I received the Rubbish Truck puzzle I loved the packaging. Master 5 was very excited and started playing with it as a Truck as soon as he could. The fact that it was also a puzzle was a huge bonus for him.

How easy was it to construct/open?

He was able to complete the puzzle with just a little assistance from mum, but he was more than happy to keep referring back to the rubbish truck vehicle “box” to see how it was supposed to be put together. Once the puzzle was complete he was super-quick to drive off with the “box” across the puzzle and then off to his bedroom to see what little treasures he could put inside it. It then became a mobile home for his toy dragons and insects, and he continued to imaginative play with it for quite a while.

Did your little car lover enjoy it?

Master 5 had an absolute ball playing with this from start to finish. The fact that it was a puzzle, vehicle and storage for treasures/imaginative play was fantastic. And at the end of the day he was actually happy to pack away the puzzle inside the rubbish truck and proudly display it on his book shelf.




What was the quality like?

Both the puzzle and the truck “box” were very good quality but I wouldn’t recommend allowing younger siblings to play with the puzzle as the excessive force could bend the pieces.




Were there any features that were a big hit? 

The biggest hit would be the opening of the truck “box”. Master 5 was able to continue playing with it and incorporate it into play with his other toys, even a pair of socks! 

 The truck was perfect for playing Ninja turtles after the puzzle had been done.

As a Mummy what did you think of the toy?

I thought this was a great toy and really great value and will be purchasing a couple more as gifts in the months to come!

Would you give this as a gift or recommend it to a friend?

 This is a great gift/toy for a 5+ year old. I think the puzzle may be a bit difficult for a 4 year old but 5 and older would be able to do nearly all (if not all) independently.




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