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We recently went on a family holiday.  It was a lovely country house, with limited wifi, so our entertainment was old school.  Walks in the garden, board games and drawing.

Lucas is not big on drawing (other than the odd car and truck) so I brought along the Step by Step drawing set from Djeco. 

Well not only did Lucas have a great time with it, so did his older cousins.  This was one product shoot that was not staged, they were completely engaged in their drawings. The set comes with a whiteboard and a marker so you don't even need to find pencil and paper.

The boys started by taking it in turns to draw a rocket. 


Then they decided they want to work separately so we pulled out some paper and they all worked on their separate masterpieces.

(Why do kids always spread out their stuff to play in the hallways!?)


The cousins are not quite as car mad as Lucas but that was not a problem with this set.  There is a large variety of pictures to choose from in this set. Castles, Pirates, as well as the trucks and trains. 24 in total also meant that there were more than enough to share.  

The cards are colour coded, some pictures are easier to draw than others. 


 I don't usually like these sorts of 'learn to draw' products. The finished  product is shaded and unattainable for kids. Even if the kids manage to copy the drawing I think that there is not much scope for creativity.  This set is different. I'm really happy with the simple finished images in this set and as for creativity - have a look at the game two of the kids played.   They each added a portion of a card to a picture to make a whole new mish-mash image.  

Have you ever seen a digger-pirate-train or a fire-engine-horse before?


The kids loved it and were happy and entertained for quite a while.  That makes Mummy love it too!   It also gets bonus points because the box is sturdy (as with all Djeco products)  and is quite compact.   Easy to use and easy to put away.

20%  OFF  FROM FEB  5 to FEB 12.




- Helle

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