How we reduce, reuse and recycle.



Hello,  Like many Mums out there I am a Mum who cares about the environment and who wants to leave a healthy world for my son and his multiple kids. (I'm dreaming he will have 2!!)  So I try my hardest to not be wasteful.  

A large part of the Lucas loves cars brand is about quality. Keeping, reusing and cherishing our things helps to stop the build up of rubbish. We thought we'd share with you some of the things we do in the background to help Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.



We use packing peanuts when we pack orders because we want our products to arrive safely and without harm.   We collect our packing peanuts from a local store that used to throw them in the bin!  



 That is my boot full of clean, packaged, SAVED packing peanuts.



Any box that comes to the Lucas loves cars garage is reused in some way.   If it is sturdy and strong we will use it to send an order out to a customer.  It doesn't look as nice, but it saves the planet.   

Sometimes we cover boxes in our colourful icons to make it look prettier.  If you get one of these boxes, we hope that you enjoy the colour!  We have had many comments that these boxes look like birthday presents.

 What little kid wouldn't love to get a box with these stickers on it! 

If the box is not suitable for reuse we cut off the portions that are good, like the internal flaps, as we use these cardboard pieces as internal packaging to protect fragile objects within an order.



Sometimes we just can't use the cardboard and it goes into our recycling bin, or in the compost bin if it's not covered in tape. 


I didn't want to put a picture of my recycle bin (which is very small) or my compost bin (which is quite large) so here is a picture of some cars.  


Vrooom  Vroom

- Helle.

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