We are Supporting SUPPORT FOR MUMS in March


In the month of March 10% of your order value will be donated to Support for Mums.



Who are Support for Mums?

Suppor for Mums is a not for profit organisation that provides support for families experiencing circumstantial crisis.


What does that mean?

Imagine you are having a normal old day and then you get a call that your hubby has been in a car accident.  

Or maybe you are at the doctors and the news is bad and you or one of your family needs urgent care.  

Who will cook dinner?  Who will pick up the kids from school?  Who will feed the dog? These basic tasks still happen even though you life has been turned upside down. 

Please note- Each case is put through a thorough assessment process to determine the needs of the family. 



What our/your donation will do!

Here are some examples - 
$20 – will pay for car parking at hospital 
$40 – will pay for a fortnight’s fresh fruit and vegetable to be delivered 
$60 – will pay for home chores and domestic duties to be undertaken 
$100 – will pay for over a week’s worth of cooked meals to be home delivered
$200 – will pay for emergency child care and home help


We are supporting this cause because when Lucas was little we had a night in hospital.  It was terrifying but thankfully only a short stay. Although it was over very quickly we needed support from friends and family.  A meal delivered from a friend was gold!  And you just never know when it's going to happen.


You can help too! 

Like Support for Mums  on Facebook! Click here.

If you want to get involved have a look here.   

YOU CAN Donate too - click here!


We are aiming high! We're going to have a big t-shirt sale at the end of March to boost our donation so look out for that! 

We will update the Blog with our total at the end of March.



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