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It's a big thing, choosing a name for your child. There are books of names, there are websites with most popular lists and most crazy names. And what does the name mean?  It's a big thing.  You don't want to be too popular so that there are 5 kids in their class with the same name, but do you want to be so unique that no-one can spell or pronounce it correctly .... like Helle for instance!  
When you are pregnant many of the people around you will ask 'Do you have a name picked out already?'   

If you are pregnant now -  Do not tell anyone your planned name!  Even if you know what the name will be, do not share that info with anyone.  If you do the next thing you know a cousin will use that name, or someone will say 'I had a cat with that name once'.  People can be so helpful sometimes.

One thing you definitely should do is try out the name. Give it a test run.  Trying screaming it - try whispering it Make sure you do the full name so you don't end up with a tongue twister. Now, what about the initials?  Are you making you child a BAT or a DRIP?   Non of this matters of course.  Once you name your child that is their name and you will love it as much as you love them.  Alternatively you could always call them Princess or Champ all their lives anyway, or use their middle name, or wait until they grow up and change their name because they never wanted to be a Gerald. 

I have some friends who wanted to 'meet the baby' before they gave it a name. I love the idea of this, and in Denmark they can take weeks. Yet I wonder, does a baby look more like a Fred than a George?  If I had waited a few days before I named Lucas he would have been called 'SSSHHHHHHHHH'  For those first few days after he was born I was so tired all I wanted was quiet so I could sleep. 

So, I have been thinking about this because I came across a list of crazy Car names. Possibly during a pinterest marathon/research session.

It's here if you're interested.    My favourite is 'Le Car' it's just so straightforward, yet crazy.

This fabulous waste of time article started me wondering about kids that are named after cars.  Knowing what we know now, we might have called Lucas something different. Imagine if he was a Cooper - we might be a website called Cooper loves cars.

Would you, or have you, named your child after a car?  A name like:

Ashton - Cooper - Hudson - Henry - Holden - Lincoln - Martin - Bentley   - Morris 
I love some of these names, actually Lucas was almost a Lincoln. 

There are names for girls too  

Porche - Mercedes - Piper - Sky

I actually think that kids grow into their names. Surely naming a child Lucas doesn't turn him into a Lucas, more that their personality changes our perception of that name.  Of course, in Australia, it doesn't matter what name our parents give us anyway, you will usually have a nickname - Dazza, Macca.

Before the nickname , a child's name is usually the first word that kids can recognise by sight and also the first one that they can write.  It's one of the things that makes a personalised gift so special. 

We decorate rooms with their name so they feel special, so they know they have a place of their own.  

Happyellaafter personalised name prints

Gorgeous Happy Ella After Name it prints. 


By personalising a gift it also makes it unique and something to treasure.  I remember around the age of 6, my sister and I loved hearing the stories of how we had our favourite toy since we were babies. 

Milton Ashby plane

How about a name and a birthdate on a hand made wooden plane?

or a gorgeous hand made rattle? 


With my belief that the name does not maketh the man (or boy in this case), I find it quite fun that we have numerous mums contact us and say that they have a Lucas who loves cars!  Of course if I did call the website Conner loves cars I would probably get these messages from Mums telling me that they have a Conner who loves cars.  It's because there are so many boys out there who love cars, and it doesn't matter what they are called.  It's a boy thing.   And yes, we have girls who love cars too.


Lucas loves cars

I love hearing about a Lucas who loves cars, or a Fred or a Hudson or a Judy.  Feel free to share with us the name of your little car lover in the comments.  

- Helle. 

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