Play date with ...... Tinta Crayons 0

Tinta crayons at Lucas loves cars Tinta crayons are handmade in Melbourne, by two Mums.  Maria and Maria.  They used to be neighbours and are now business partners.  Such a great story. 

5 things you need to stay in business 5 years. 0

Lucas loves car - 5 years in business

I have just celebrated 5 years in business.

Even as I type that I find it hard to believe.  It's been such an interesting ride that the time has just flown by.  Time flies when you're having fun right!? 

I look back at where I started and I had no idea how this adventure was going to turn out. 

Play date with ...... Tiger Tribe 0

Play date with Tiger Tribe - Lucas loves cars  The first supplier that we are catching up with is Anthony (and Naomi) from Tiger Tribe. 

Find out about designing toys, and watch what happens when I call him a nerd! 

Lucas loves cars 5th Birthday HUGE Tiger Tribe Giveaway - Worth $505 126


Yep, you read that right ...Celebrating Lucas loves cars 5th Birthday we have a HUGE Giveaway happening.

You can win $505 worth of gorgeous Tiger Tribe toys.    Enter NOW! 

Janod Grand Prix Playset 61

The Janod Grand Prix playset opens up to reveal a grandstand  and  you put together the roads that complete a race track. With 4  cars  there are enough for two to share.                                                  Win one here!