Play ideas - Magnet fun 0

Play ideas Lucas loves cars We want you to get the most out of your toys. so we are putting together some hints and inspiration for you to help give you ideas for ways to play with your toys.  

This episode we have some great ideas for your magnets.


Setting up a Saving habit. 1

Teaching kids to save | Lucas loves cars We are starting small and setting up a saving habit for Lucas, which I hope will continue into adulthood. 

I think it's really important for kids to learn about money.   The value of it, the patience of having to earn it and the absolute unbridled joy of being able to afford something you have been saving for.   It's easy, cheap and fun...

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Spot the car. 0

Spot the car game for tripsGreat when you want them to be engaged and awake while you are driving.  Nothing more annoying than the kids falling asleep 5 minutes from home and then waking up when you take them inside!   Also fabulous for keeping them looking outside and not down.
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5 Tips for preparing for School or Kinder. 0

5 tips for starting school  I feel like I have learnt a few things, through getting them wrong, or right,  and when I asked some friends if they found it hard to start school there was a treasure of great ideas.  So I have put together these tips hoping they will help you and your little ones transition.  
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Advent Calendar Ideas 0

We love an advent calendar, there is nothing better than to count down to Christmas.  The  numbers get smaller and the excitement rises...