Make a Wish. 0

Make a wish list | Lucas loves cars Sometimes we want more than we can afford, or let's face it, more than we need!  That is why Lucas loves cars has a WISHLIST. Create a list of all the products that you love without having to add them all to your CART.


 We love Easter, well Lucas loves the chocolate, and I love the extra long weekend to spend time with the family.  ( oh yeah and chocolate too!)


Every Easter I enjoy searching through Pinterest for printables and fun things to these....

GIVING TO THE RCH - Good Friday Appeal 0

Royal Childrens hospital melbourne Good Friday | Lucas loves cars

You know when you get that feeling that you're lucky and maybe you need to acknowledge that luck and help others who need it? 

The Head Mechanic and I really love the Royal Children's Hospital. We have been lucky to not need it much,

5 THINGS ABOUT BOYS - I learnt from Maggie Dent 1

Maggie Dent boys boys boys The other night I went to a seminar called BOYS, BOYS, BOYS!  I'd wanted to see Maggie Dent speak for a while and this seemed to be a perfect fit for my interests.  I think I have a good relationship with Lucas, but sometimes...

Play ideas - Magnet fun 0

Play ideas Lucas loves cars We want you to get the most out of your toys. so we are putting together some hints and inspiration for you to help give you ideas for ways to play with your toys.  

This episode we have some great ideas for your magnets.