We use Biodegradable packaging.


Hello,  Like many Mums out there I am a Mum who cares about the environment and who wants to leave a healthy world for my son and his multiple kids. (I'm dreaming he will have 2...or maybe 3.)  So I try my hardest to not be wasteful.

At home we compost, we recycle, and I take my bag to the shops so I'm not using single use bags.  

 Eco Friendly Australian toy store | Lucas loves cars


I believe that if we all do our bit to care for the environment it all adds up.

And I hope that it will be something that Lucas will do too. Something that becomes part of his view of the world and part of his core values.

Less plastic, less rubbish.

Keeping, reusing and cherishing our things.  They are great ways to stop the build up of 'stuff' in your life. That's why we remind you to Rotate the toys


This is part of my life, and it is also a large aspect of the business.  Lucas loves cars is about quality, loving natural wood and reducing plastic. 

We don't try to be eco friendly, we simply hate being wasteful and that makes us eco friendly. 


We thought we'd share with you one of the things that we are doing as a small business that help us to be eco friendly.


Biodegradable packaging | Kids toys | Eco toys | Lucas loves cars



Our packing peanuts are BIODEGRADABLE. 


We want to protect your order and ensure your beautiful products arrive safely, but I really hate the idea of using all that styrofoam.  So we pay more to get Biodegradable Peanuts. 


They are made from Starch.  Corn starch or Potato starch. 

That means you can put them into the compost. 



Packing peanuts made from starch means they will break down over time. 

It also means that they melt away when you put them into water. 


Check this out!



This is a fun experiment to do with the kids when you receive one of our parcels. 

They will be amazed to watch the fluffy peanuts disappear to almost nothing.

We have loved seeing all your photos and videos of the kids enjoying this experiment!  

If you're worried about the amount of water you are using, throw them into the bath after the kids have had a wash.  It's starch, so although it thickens it will wash away.



We recently had a Mum tell us that using tongs to transport the peanuts into the bowl of water was a great activity for her daughter and she was at it for almost an hour.    Now that's prefect for a dinner prep activity.



You can colour the peanuts and use them for craft.  Stick them to a poster as clouds.  Or use this free printable and create a sheep.

Eco toys | Free printable | lucas loves cars



These peanuts can become snow in your winter play!

Let the animals stomp around in the snow or dig in the snow with your diggers.  

Eco Toys | Creative toys | Lucas loves cars


And, of course, they are also non toxic. In case you weren't sure. 

It's one way that we reduce our impact on the world. And have fun doing it!

Vroom vroom

- Helle


Helle owns Lucas loves cars.  Working with toys since 2012, she has played with toys for a long time and is very picky about which toys make the list.   Like a spoilt child, she will have a tantrum if the toy doesn't work and will play for hours if she finds it engaging and fun.  Or until someone tells her it's time for lunch. 


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