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Free Printable cars

As any mum knows,  kids go through their colouring books amazingly quickly.  It's a few scribbles here and a little line of colour there and then they are done with that page - what's next!?   Not to mention the pain of dragging a whole book around with you and the guilt of 'Mummy don't throw my artwork away' 

We hear you - and we have created some fun free printable pages for you to print out, slip into the handbag (or play bag) and pull out when you need to provide entertainment.

Printable Rewards sheet - 50 0

Free Reward Sheet Printable  I have set myself a challenge this week - it's Colossal, Huge - BIGGER THAN HUGE! 

I have been busy procrastinating and have made a Printable rewards sheet. It's important to have the visual representation of my goal and be able to cross off each task as it's done!

As I was creating the Reward sheet I wondered if it might be of use to someone a Mum ( Mom ) who is toilet training a child...or a child trying to get enough brownie points to earn a new toy!   What a fun rewards sheet to stick to the fridge. 

Printable Mothers Day Bookmarks 0

Making it easier for the kids (and dads) to make Mothers Day special,  we have created this bookmark printable that the kids will surely love to colour and you will love to use.  

It has trucks and cars! 

Free Easter Fun Activities 0

I was meant to be working today, but then I opened PINTEREST and got a little bit distracted by Easter and free Printables. 

Rather than stop and do work I decided to turn the fun stuff into work and create a fun blog of Fun Easter Activities.


Teaching kids to pack their bags

We recently took a short trip away and I decided it was time for Lucas to start packing for himself.

I sent him to his room with the request 'please pack your bag for our trip away'.  You know he came back with a pile of toys and 2 t-shirts.