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Have you noticed that it has become a bit of a thing now,  people giving PJ's at Easter. I don't know where it comes from. Was Easter bunny in PJ's when he delivered the eggs?  Although I don't know where it stared I love the idea of the gift giving not being about receiving a kilo, or six, of chocolates!  

So Easter is about time off, PJ's and chocolate.  But what if you are a kid in hospital.  Your Easter would not be quite as fun.

With the help of Warming Beautiful Souls we have given some kids in the hospital a little bit of Easter fun.

Warming Beautiful Souls is a wonderful charity started by Tash in honour of her little girl Maya, who had a long stay in hospital battling cancer. Now, nearly 18 months after Maya's passing, Tash has a who group of representatives helping Warming Beautiful Souls. There is one in every state, so that they can collect and distribute a wide range of fun and useful things to the kids in the hospitals around Australia.

We thought it was a fantastic idea and we sent them some PJ's 



... and some of our favourite TOYS.



 Every time I think of these toys going to kids stuck in hospital it makes me feel so excited!

I have volunteered in the Royal Children's Hospital.  It was when I had time, way back in the old building, before I had kids.   One of the most rewarding things I have ever done. Not sure I could do it now that I have Mother as one of my roles. A bit too close to home. It was hard even when I wasn't imagining the child being mine.  

During that time I often hoped that I wouldn't see some kids during my weekly visits, hoping they had gone home.  Unfortunately some kids have to be in hospital for a long time, and sometimes it's over special days like Easter.  

It always struck me how kids are so good at not feeling sorry for themselves.  I remember so many smiles and those kids being silly and cheeky,  any chance they get they want to play and have fun.  I love to think that this box of goodies will help some kids to have giggles and grins and forget where they are for a little while.


Check out the Warming Beautiful Souls Facebook page - there are people donating all the time.  Gives you a great sense that there are many good people in this world.  

Also a huge thank you to MyHoopla who heard we were giving some toys to the kids in hospital and gave us some of their DIY super hero capes to add to the pile.

- Vroom