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5 Easy Christmas gifts 0

 I love crafts and I love Christmas so of course I go nuts about Christmas crafts.   I don't have time for the big things, I'm a small project, let's just do it quickly, sort of girl.  Oh and I'm also simple and cheap! 

5 simple and cheap christmas crafts


1 - Button Tree

What you need for this is a stack of various sized green buttons,
a yellow star button,
a few brown buttons,
some strong string (dental floss actually works quite well!).

All you need to do is string them all together.  I started with the smaller buttons, went down to the bigger base and the brown buttons and then came back up. Then you can tie a knot at the top.  The kids can help to sort the buttons into the different sizes.

Takes you only 5 minutes and it a great activity for the kids learning fine motor skills. They will take longer than 3 minutes.

 Christmas button tree

Gorgeous as a present topper and then it looks wonderful as a tree ornament, 


2 - A simply gorgeous card

Don't you think that sometimes craft is more adorable the simpler they are.  
Cut a tree shape (or star shape) and have the kids decorate.  You can use glitter, stickers, pieces of ribbon or paper.  Lucas has started to write his own message, or they could simply write their own name.  ADORABLE!
 Remember to put the child's name and year on it.  
3 - Candle Jars
Tea candles are everywhere, 100 for $6 but they are soooo boring.
Wrap a little bit of Washi Tape around the candle and place it into a lovely jar.  Simply stunning! 
I got the christmas tape from the local $2 shop.

I got the christmas tape from the local $2 shop.
A simple, lovely gift for a teacher or a neighbour.

4 - Paint Chip Cards
Head to your local hardware store and grab some of the paint colour sample cards (paint chips?).  I love the ones that have 3 shades of the one colour in one.  Then we need some card, or plain paper, scissors and some glue.


 Cut the green sample colours into triangles, cut the brown into rectangles.

  A big tree with three colours is actually my favourite.  This tree is one sample card cut into a triangle, the white dividing lines are part of the card.

It's also heaps of fun to use all different triangles to make different shapes and style of Christmas trees.


5 - Woven hearts
OK - these ones are a little more tricky, but worth it!
They can range from quite simple (for an older child) to rather hard (for Mum) depending on the style you choose.
You need a plain colour paper and some colourful paper.  The colour or pattern doesn't really matter - as you can see from my designs.
Then use one of the templates - we got ours from  here.

A bit of folding and threading and you end up with these gorgeous lollie holders! 

They hang on the tree FULL of lollies and biscuits.  
Then you  the kids steal the goodies during the night.  (we celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve) 


We hope you like them.   Give them a go...and please share your photos with us. 

Easy Christmas Trees 0

We had a 4 year old friend visiting the other day so we decided to have some easy creative fun.   And I do mean EASY and FUN! I don't enjoy cleaning or making the kids do exactly what the instructions say.  It has to be fun for all of us, or it doesn't happen!


To have a good time we needed a little bit of preparation:

- Placemats to protect the table.

- Lots of fun colourful glitter glue, buttons and paper.


I put the confetti and small bits into a paint palette to reduce the risk of spilling it everywhere......unfortunately we still managed to get it all over the floor.  We ended up having a race to see who could pick up most!



I cut some green paper into tree shapes and let the kids decorate it any way they wanted.  

I was surprised that they didn't go for the Santa or HO HO foil confetti that I had - instead they went straight for the packet of mixed buttons that I had picked up at Spotlight.   


The glue was the FAVOURITE thing by far! 


Some of the finished trees.  The kids made 3 each in about an hour of creating (and cleaning up!)



Mum had a bit of a play too! 

Here are some of pieces of art mixed in with birthday cards.  Lucas took this photo with his brand new camera.  

Might have to teach him that the camera needs to be still when he presses that button down.


- Vroom Vroom