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I love being a Mum and I love owning a toy store. I feel so lucky. We are healthy and happy and I get to do something I truly love. For a while though, I have been feeling like something is missing.  I have wanted to give back somehow. We have donated along the way, and supported local and national causes, but I wanted something we could champion with every order.


Then I found Kids Helpline.   What an important resource for our young kids. The thought that a kid might pick up the phone to call for help and there be no-one to answer.  It's too hard to think about.   Now - together - you and Lucas loves cars will be helping to answer those calls.


We are so proud to add that since committing to this

we have donated over $4700  to Kids Helpline.



 Lucas loves cars supporting Kids Helpline


Never heard of it? Don't think it would be used or needed?

Check out this statistic! 


 Lucas loves cars supporting Kids Helpline


It might not be something you, or your child, need right now, but as our kids grow, surrounded by technology, it's something we should bookmark for later.


Kids Helpline supports kids aged 5 to 25.   

Head to the  Kids Helpline website  and have a look around.  

The support for 5-12 years starts with choosing how you feel and progresses to what has caused those feelings. 

You can call, email or webchat and the website is set up with different support styles for each age bracket. Tell your kids about it, tell your friends! 



The website also has a lot of resources for us as parents, to help us talk to our kids and to learn what they might be going through. Anxiety, Bullying at school, Cyber bullying and Sexting. 


There are so many ways our kids now talk to their friends and communicate with the wider world.  They are so much more connected via technology than the generations before them.  It makes sense to me to have a website that is there is support them, and reach out to them, that is there when they need help.


Lucas loves cars supporting Kids Helpline


We are so proud to be donating $1 from each order made at Lucas loves cars to help support Kids helpline.  EVERY SINGLE ORDER.   Order a book - we donate $1.  Order a ride-on bike, we donate $1.  Order a set of WaytoPlay roads and we donate $1.


Simply by ordering from Lucas loves cars. 


Get your beautiful purchase quickly, support small business and help the Kids Helpline to answer calls.  All in one click! 

As a toy store a big part of what we do is to share and encourage fun and laughter, in parents and adults. 

In a perfect world a new toy would fix everything and make life better.  Yet I know that it not how it is.  In the real world our kids need support.  Support because of troubles at home,  support because our 'village' is not always around to help.

I hope that your kids (and mine) will never have problems and will not need to call or contact Kids Helpline. But if they do, isn't it great to know that help is available. Anytime - Any reason.



Lucas loves cars supporting Kids Helpline



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