Make a Wish - then make it happen.


Sometimes we want more than we can afford, or let's face it, more than we need!  That is why Lucas loves cars has a WISHLIST. Create a list of all the products that you love without having to add them all to your CART.

make a wishlist | Lucas loves cars


We know that life gets busy and the product that you see today might not be stored in your memory, easily retrieved when you come back next week.  Hello Baby brain!  I still blame baby brain years after the pain of childbirth has left me.  There are just so many things to remember now.  Passwords and dentist appointments and shopping lists...must buy milk! 

....or you get distracted while you are searching.  

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to have a list of all the products that you love so that you can simply go to that and not have to search the whole website again next time you visit? 

That is a WISHLIST.  Like fairies who hold onto your secrets, the wishlist will remember the products you love.

OK - so it's not fairies, it's technology, good reliable technology.  So much better than a scrap of paper...or fairies that may not even exist.



Here is how simple it is:   View a Product - LOVE IT! 

To add a product to the Wishlist you click on the ADD TO WISHLIST button, Yes it is that Crazy Simple!


add to wishlist | Lucas loves cars



The product is now included in your very own Wishlist, which you can view by going to your account page.




Your products are lined up for you to see.  From here you can remove them from your wishlist, or add them to your cart directly from this page. 


wishlist | Lucas loves cars

The best part is coming up - ready for it?  


After you have created your WISHLIST - you can EMAIL IT TO FRIENDS or FAMILY!  


How many times have you heard  'what do they want?'  It's a question we get from so many people. Now you can simply email your wishlist to the friends and family and let them decide.  

A fabulous way of encouraging people to buy quality wooden toys for your kids!  


Wishlist of toys | Lucas loves cars


Then you will be all smiles after you have sent you wishlist to your loved ones. via email or Facebook.   

When you email the WISHLIST it sends you a link which takes people directly to your WISHLIST on the Lucas loves cars website.  So they can see the same products and information that you see.   They do not see your account - so all your order history data is safe.  [phew]


You can also Send it via Facebook and let everyone know about the gorgeous products that you have found.


Wishlist for friends and family | lucas loves cars




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