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Self care tips for busy mums | Lucas loves cars



Ahhh, motherhood – the joys, the sorrows, the giggles, the frustration; the inability to get even five minutes to yourself to go to the toilet alone. Does anyone else look back on life pre-kids and wonder what on earth they used to do with all their time?!


I vaguely recall that I loved spending evenings slathering on face masks, painting my nails, taking long and luxurious baths… but surely that can’t be right. I mean, did I really have the time and energy to do that stuff? I think I did. But it seems incredible to me now.


These days, it’s all about multi-tasking products and taking any opportunity I can to do something small that’s self-care related. Like switching off the Bob the Builder theme song as soon as my 3-year old son is out of the car, and quickly putting a podcast on for the drive home. Or popping on my diffuser with a relaxing essential oil blend, to help unwind after a busy day while I prepare dinner.


Here are my top tips for incorporating a little self care into your day, with minimal fuss:


  • Make your favourite cup of tea or coffee, and take it with you on-the-go: It might be hard to finish a hot cup of tea while you’re entertaining the kids (or at least keeping them safe!) but the car is a great spot to be able to finish your drink in relative peace; at least you don’t have to worry about the kids knocking it over and scalding themselves! I swear by the Frank Green ceramic reusable coffee cup for this; as the cup is lined with a layer of ceramic, it tastes just like your coffee or tea in a mug at home, with the convenience of drinking it on the run.


  • Get out of the house: I genuinely feel better after a bit of time outside, moving and using my body. Pop the kid/s in the pram, go for a walk, soak up some vitamin D (but don’t forget sunscreen!) and just go. Whether you go to the park and chase around the kids to burn off energy, or just walk while they have a sleep; I always feel better for doing this (even when I feel like I can’t be bothered to go initially).


  • Use a multi-tasking product for maximum results: I love the Clemence Organics Scrub & Mask in one: I massage it into my face once or twice a week, while I’m having a shower with Charlie, and leave it on for a couple of minutes. Rinse off, and I’ve exfoliated AND done a face mask, without even having to think about it.


  • Have a bath alone: It can be easier to hop in with the kids – but there’s zero relaxation to be had there! Every now and again I love to have a decadent soak once Charlie is asleep. Even better when I get to choose the bubble bath and just soak in silence. Bliss.


  • Go to bed 15 minutes earlier to read: Or listen to a podcast; or scroll social media, if that’s all you have the energy for! But for me, I absolutely love to read; I find it really relaxing and it’s a great way for me to turn off my active brain before going to sleep. I try to do this every night, although sometimes it just doesn’t happen (and a lot of the time I end up staying awake reading for a lot longer than I mean to!)


  • Use a 2-in-1 foundation: My absolute favourite natural foundation is the MADARA City CC Cream. If you have oily skin, you can also use this as a moisturiser, but I always moisturise first. It’s the perfect foundation with SPF in it, and I wear it every day for a ‘no makeup look.’ I also add mineral foundation on top, with some blush and mascara when I want to look more polished, but this is the perfect everyday product for even skin tone that has a lovely glow to it. It just makes me feel more confident when I’m going about my day; who has time to worry about how their skin looks? Not me.


  • Get your groceries delivered: This is a big energy saver! Taking the kids to the supermarket can be exhausting. We are in threenager land: do I need to say more?! The delivery fee is worth the hour or more saved for the big weekly shop and it definitely saves on the mental load (and sanity).


So there you have it; the little things I do to fit in some self care most days. I’d also encourage you to seek a little more time for yourself once or twice a week, so you can go to a yoga class, or for a walk, or for a coffee with friends: just some time for you.


Do you do any of these things? Or will you try now? I’d love to hear from you!


Self care tips for mums | Lucas loves cars


Celeste Robertson is the Director and Founder of Natural Supply Co, the online destination for natural, organic and zero waste products for the whole family. Celeste is married with a 3-year old son, and very happily lives in Geelong. She’s passionate about finding (and sharing) easy ways to use less plastic in everyday life, reading, champagne and coffee!


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