POKE A BOOK - Bubble wrap fun in a book.


We need to show you a ViDEO of the fabulous POKE A DOT books.  

They aren't books covered in spots, like they have the chicken pox.  We call them the bubble wrap books because this range of books have buttons that POP.

The kids count while they pop each button. They read these fun board books and as they turn the page there are buttons to pop on each page.  


POKE a DOT books


Interactive books that the kids will enjoy.   From Old MacDonalds Farm,  Wheels on the Bus and many more.  

We  have so much fun popping the buttons at work.  Some days we forget the books are for kids.


 POP  -   POP   -  POP 

Check all the books out HERE 

 We hope you love them as much as we do. 



- Helle.


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