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Hello there,   This is my series of blog posts about our fabulous suppliers.  I don't want to just copy their "About Us" page and call it a blog, I want to really meet them. 

So welcome - to another in our series of PLAY DATES!! 

Play date with Tinta crayons - Lucas loves cars

Today we are playing on the trams with Natasha from Make me Iconic.

Make Me Iconic  at Lucas loves cars

Some Background:

I'd be very surprised if you have never heard of Make Me Iconic.  Or maybe you don't know the name of the brand, but I'm sure you would know the gorgeous toys they have created.  Classic - ICONIC - Aussie toys.  


Make me iconic Classic  Aussie toys  | Lucas loves cars


The first Make Me Iconic range was launched in December 2009, when Natasha came back from a long stay overseas and realised that Australia just did not have cool souvenirs.  Well she's certainly fixed that problem!  Sydney Ferry, or a Melbourne tram and who wouldn't love a Fairy bread purse!?  

 I took a tin of the Make Me Iconic Aussie Bickies (made of wood) to a family member last year, and took the real biscuits with me for them to try. (educate them! )  It was such a fun way to share some of our culture and my memories of being an Aussie kid. 

With 3 kids, ranging from 15 to 5 Natahsa is a busy Mum, with built in product testers, as well as being the powerhouse behind this fabulous Australian business.


Natasha Make ME Iconic at Lucas loves cars

Natasha answered some questions about playdates so you could get to know her a little bit better.

Describe Make Me Iconic in 3 words.

Fun, quirky and unique


Why do you do what you do?

I love being creative and love the flexibility in my job. I have the best boss! It allows me to do all pickups and drop-offs for my kids and just work from home. As my eldest said the other day my commute in walk down the stairs and turn right. For me it's the work/mum balance we all strive for and I am so lucky and privileged to have a successful business that allows me to do that.


What did your kids go nuts for when they were toddlers?

My boys loved Thomas the Tank Engine toys and all things Cars (in like the movie) and of course the obvious Dinosaurs. It was not long before they turned into Star Wars fans and were bashing away with lights sabres. I wanted them to get into craft stuff but they were typical boys and not really into quietly sitting and drawing and creating. Now it's nice to have dolls, craft kits and all things ridiculously cute in the house because I finally have a girl!


Describe your perfect play date.

One that involves me being served cake.


It’s time to go when?

When I know I have not organised the family dinner yet and have to go to the super market and think of something to cook on the spot. Lamb chops anyone?


What is your favourite gift idea from Lucas loves cars?

Would have to be Oyoy Adventure Rug! Oh gosh I wish I had this when my boys were toddlers. They would have loved setting this up with all their cars on top!


Play dates should include : Tea, coffee or wine?

Depends on the time of day! I can't do wine before 5pm but will guzzle as least 5 cups of builders tea a day. Can't be good for my waistline....


- - - - 


We decided that our Playdate really should be on a classic Melbourne train...with a classic Make Me Iconic Melbourne tram.  I'm so happy that Natasha loved this idea. It really did feel like we were on a playdate!  And the PHOTOS! 


Make me Iconic tram | Lucas loves cars


I fell in love with these toys and was selling them a while before I met Natasha. Truthfully, I was a little awestruck when I met her.  These toys are SO GOOD!   Surely she would be too busy running her business and wouldn't want to chat to me.   Silly me.

Once again I have found a supplier that is run by an incredibly nice person.  With friends in common Natasha and I have became business buddies, and had a fabulous time on our Playdate. 

 Let's Play! 

We were so lucky to have a glorious Melbourne Winters day.  Perfect for riding the rails!  The old style trams run on the free city circle track around Melbourne city, so it was full of tourists....who also loved the idea of taking a photo of the tram on the tram! 

We thought we might have made a critical error though, because this tram has Melbourne historic information playing for each stop!  We managed to time it just right. This was the only take we did!  It did take all my strength for me to not start singing 'I"m a Barbie Girl....'


Oh YouTube - Why do you pick this spot as the still image!?  There are so many other gorgeous images that would have been so much better!   I picked the one that makes Natasha look best.  #host #manners 



Natasha has been amazingly generous and we have  20 Mini trams to give away!  These trams fit on the standard wooden train tracks and have the magnets so they will connect up with your existing engines and toys.

We will add one to each order we pack.   -  While stocks last - 


Make me iconic Tram | Lucas loves cars


Thanks for playing with us. 

- Helle.

 Helle is the owner and head toy lover at Lucas loves cars.  She has been playing with toys for over 5 years, and still hasn't got it quite right, so will continue to play for a while yet.   

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