Introducing Milaniwood


We love stocking the brands that people love, but sometimes at Lucas loves cars we stock brands that people have not heard of.   As a small online business it can be a tricky thing to do.  People have not seen the brand around or heard much about it,  and they are definitely not searching for it.    

We do it because there are some times when the brand is so good, the ideas so fun, that we want to play, and we want to introduce these brands to you. 

Introducing Milaniwood. 

Milaniwood toys | Lucas loves cars


Milaniwood is an Italian company who have been creating toys since 2008. Milaniwood design and make their beautiful unique toys in Italy. 


The catalogue of Milaniwood toys consists of cutting edge design objects and amusing, creative, educational, safe toys and games.  The company pays a lot of attention to the trends of the market and emphasize the production of high quality, long lasting and eco-friendly products.


Each of the Milaniwood toys are made from FSC wood.  What is that?    The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) means certified forests are managed with consideration for people, wildlife and the environment. 


Check out the toys that will get the kids off the screen and playing with each other. Anything that achieves that is a winner in my book!  These toys are able to be played alone, to increase skill and dexterity, and also for challenging against siblings or friends.  

In an age when the use of fingers and fine motor skills is reduced due to screen time and the reduced time kids are drawing, writing or simply playing.  These toys are a great way to bring back those skills.


Milaniwood storyteller | Lucas loves cars


Let the curtain rise and let the show begin!
Build the cardboard theatre, slip the characters on to your fingers and have fun inventing and putting on fabulous stories, on your own, with your friends or with your parents. 




Ready - aim - FLY!   The Flying Caterpillar is a wooden skill toy for children. 
The children challenge each other to let the caterpillar fly far away, go for distance or try for skill by sending the caterpillar through the ring.




Milaniwood Cantonese rice | Lucas loves cars


Each player receives a bowl and a pair of chopsticks. The ingredients for dinner  (rice, peas, ham and eggs) are mixed together in the big bowl, in the centre.  

Using only the chopsticks, each player tries to take as many coloured ingredients as possible!   Who will have the most? 



Milaniwood crazy palace | Lucas loves cars


I'm the king of the castle!
The idea of this game is basically to build the building and make sure your little person doesn't fall off!  Each piece must be put down dependant on the roll of the dice.


And there are so many more!  Check them all out here 


Thanks for playing with us. 

- Helle.

 Helle is the owner and head toy lover at Lucas loves cars.  She has been playing with toys for over 5 years, and still hasn't got it quite right, so will continue to play for a while yet.   




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