Inside out umbrellas - why they rock!


Have you seen the latest in umbrella technology?  It's inside out umbrellas! 

Not just cool or a gimmick - these umbrellas are smart - and here is why ...



All4ella inside out Kids umbrellas  at Lucas loves cars


Let's firstly explain what an inside out umbrella does - so, these umbrellas open differently to your typical umbrella.  In order to do this, they are double thickness.  Hello strength!  

Here is a quick demonstration of how these umbrellas work. 
I think I missed a huge opportunity as an actor! 



1 - The colour is on the outside.....inside.....outside. 

When you close the inside out umbrella, the colour is on the outside.  Looking gorgeous all the time.  When you open the umbrella to use it, the colourful pattern is on the bottom of the canopy and the outside of the umbrella is a subtle black.   Just like a jacket with colourful lining.   

You can use these umbrellas for work and not look like you are NOT using you kids umbrella!   It's so much fun to look up and see the colours, like you have a secret world. 


2 - It opens from the bottom.  

So you are protected quicker. 

You know how when you get out of the car you have to open the door, stick the umbrella out the gap. open it and then cover yourself and protect your hairdo?  And in the time to open it out that gap you get rained on anyway. 

These clever umbrellas open from the bottom which means you stick them out the gap and they open up, while you are underneath....meaning they protect you the whole time. 

Check out the above video - because I can't describe it!   Also works for getting into the car/house.


3 - The water stays inside.

When you have been in the rain and come inside, you close these umbrellas and the water stays on the INSIDE!   You think this is nothing?  Well think of walking into the cafe or work  and not rubbing up against a wet umbrella.  Hanging the umbrella on the pram knowing you wont be spraying water all over the kid inside!

And when you throw it into the car, the water doesn't go everywhere.  


4 - The handle to beat all handles. 

These umbrellas have a round handle that is almost a full oval.  so you can securely hook it over your wrist knowing it wont fall off at any movement.  It's also big enough for a child to 'hold it pweaaase' and for Mum to hold the other side. 

Not a full circle because that small gap means that it can be hung up for storage. 


All4ella inside out umbrellas - Lucas loves cars

Gorgeous photos from #my3ratbagz3614 


So now - just choose from all the fun ALL4ELLA designs. 

A great way to enjoy the rain. If you must be outside, at least you can protect yourself and have a colourful umbrella to protect you. 



- Helle. 


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