Things I learnt while in covid Isolation.


Well hello 2022.

I knew it would be a year of change and a year of ups and downs... but it's only 12 days in and It's already been quite a ride.


I started the year very quietly.  New Years Eve at home, like many others.  For the first time in a long time I was following the trend! 

But after a visit with a friend I got the dreaded text - I'm positive and you better keep an eye out for symptoms.   3 days later, the sore throat came and I tested positive as well. 

And there starts the instant change of plans to spend 7 days in isolation. Locking myself away to protect all that I love, while trying  to run a small business, keep the family safe and stay sane.  I was lucky and had mild symptoms, bit still, isolation is hard and I needed a lot of rest! 

lucky in covid isolation


It's given me a few lessons, which I thought I'd write down.

1 -  Canceling everything for a week is not that hard.   

Oh don't get me wrong, there was so much I wanted to do and people to see. My newly minted to - do list, my sparkling new notebook was ready to be filled and I was in the mood to tick off some big ticket items. 

And as a small business owner, I find it hard when I'm not working.  If I don't then who will?

Then I realised it's just - a - week. It will all wait for me to return.


2 -  In small business it's great to have helpers.

Gosh it was so good to know that even though we were not going to be full power, we were going to still be able to fulfil our orders.  And all the support from my community of small business friends who knew what I was going through and supported me.


3 -  People are mostly generous and kind.   

I had so many offers of help, love and support.  and Every Single One of them helped me to feel better.

Everyone knows this time is hard. Having covid,  worrying about getting covid,  staff with covid.  In my experience,  most people are kind and generous and trying to help.   

Those that are having troubles with being kind are those people who are having their own troubles.


4 - Rest is important.   

Between being a Mum and being a small business owner,  I find it hard to stop. 

I don't quite know how to rest, to have a day off.   Well this week I embraced the time off.   Binged ALL the channels.  Read my book.

Fell in love with my hammock and the gentle sway in the sunshine.


5 - The couch is not my nirvana, 

At the end of a normal busy day I often drop onto the couch as if it's the best thing, the place that makes it all better.  Often I wish I could spend more time there. Turns out it's not really that good,  


6 - Gratitude is the shiny light.

I'm so lucky.  It has been my mantra.  I'm so lucky I have people to drop a coffee to me, or milk and bread.

I am so lucky that it's a mild case. I'm so lucky that the fridge is full..that I have a hammock and sunshine.


7 -   Little things can make a big difference.

A delivery of coffee.  Someone checking in to say hello, how are you feeling?

Biggest thanks to people who contacted me, checked up on me, nothing cuts the boredom like a chat with a friend.

8 -  None of this is new to me.

I knew all these things before I got the spicy cough. Like everyone I forget the lessons and am busy with life.

This is what slowing down is about.  It's about creating time and reminding yourself what is important.  Re-learning the lessons you learnt last year, last holiday, last week.


Now that I have experienced the illness, and the isolation,  and I'm lucky to be back at work.  The trick for me will be to remember all these lessons. 


 - Helle.

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