In a world where people are trying to make things faster and cheaper it's a refreshing change to meet someone who is focussed on hand made quality.

Introducing Milton Ashby.


I met Shannon, the man behind Milton Ashby, at a trade show.  We bonded quickly over a love of cars, quality and a love of simple, classic design.  Shannon let me know he has been a car lover since he was tiny.

Amongst all the people and noise the Milton Ashby stand was simple and stunning.  Showing off these beautiful products perfectly. The shapes, the colours, the wood! These aren't just toys, they are a gift which means something.  They come beautifully presented in a Metal tin.

 Milton Ashby Car toy

These are toys the kids will enjoy playing with and they will get better with age.   When people say 'he doesn't need more toys'..they are not talking about these toys. 


 Milton Ashby Australian toys


At Lucas loves cars we like working with Australian businesses.  Look out for the below image in the product description, it will highlight when the product you are looking at is fr an Australian Company. 


Wishing you a fun Australia Day. 

Vroom Vroom

- Hele. 

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