Travelling on a plane is common for many people now.  Yet for some young people it is new and exciting and maybe a little bit scary.

We have some things that will help you to talk about the trip with your kids and also to keep them busy while they are in the air! 

Travelling on a plane with a kid | Lucas loves cars



This book is called Catch that Plane and is all about getting to the airport and what happens when you are there.  It's a fun look at all the noise and bustle that happens when you catch a plane.

"Rushing to the airport, what do I see?
Plane at the gate, a-ready and a-steady.
I hope it's going to wait. We're late as late can be!"


Tiger Tribe are well known for quality fun product and their Magnetic books are some of our favourite activities. This Airport Magnetic book is great as a preparation for the journey and also as an activity on the flight.  With an A4 sheet of push out magnets, you can move the people about the airport. Have them check in and collect their baggage.


Tiger Tribe Airport magnetic play | Lucas loves cars



Kids love to be in charge of their things.  And it's so helpful if they can carry their own stuff. Well at least some of it.  If they have their own bag they have a sense of ownership and it may even help them to act like a big kid. With a funky new bag they will be proud and excited to be allowed to carry it, especially when it has their fun toys inside.





Everyone loves to look forward to a holiday.  And what better way than by having some planes around the house.

You could make biscuits in the shape of a plane to talk about the plane trip that is coming up, or chop up their sandwich in the shape of a plane.

These gorgeous Tiger Tribe pull back wooden planes are a great way to give the kids a plane, either before the flight or as a new toy in their bag for the flight.


Plane toys for children | Lucas loves cars 


This Airport activity tote has planes, people and things from the airport.  What a great activity for a little person who has just been through an airport.  Reusable stickers that can be placed and moved, and they can re-enact what they have seen or make up new stories. 

Airport activity tote for kids | Lucas loves cars


The main thing about travelling with kids is preparation and then patience.  Remember that you are headed somewhere that will be worth the trip.  

My tip - I always took food. a couple of biscuits were enough for him (and for me), when the hungry tummy starts to cause the grumps.  


What is your big tip for flying with a little one?

- Helle.