We have created a closed Facebook page for all our Lucas loves cars crew, so that we can talk to you directly. Tell you about products that have we have ordered, let you ask questions in private and basically have a chat about what it's like to have a boy, or girl, who love crazy things.  

Welcome Lucas loves cars


We have called the group Lucas loves cars - on the couch.  Partially because we know that cars often end up under the couch, on the couch, in the bed and even in the fridge sometimes. 

We also thought that 'on the couch' would work well because there is a lot of facebook happening on the couch.  And we want it to feel like a chat you have with your friends when they come over, grab a glass and sit on the couch. It wont just be about us and our products, we would love it to be a community where we share fun stories and pictures about the craziness of cars all over the house.  

In the years since Cars the movie came out I have always wanted a group to be able to share the pain of watching that one movie over and over and over again!  And the original was so much better than watching Cars 2 again...don't get me started.




Head straight over to the Lucas love cars - on the couch facebook group HERE and request to join.  So simple and so fun. Oh, and don't forget to invite your friends, you don't have to be a customer to join, just someone who shares this crazy world of cars on the couch! 




Think of it like facebook, if facebook worked the way it used to...way back in the olden days!


Don't have facebook?  Don't worry, you can still connect with all the news by subscribing to our newsletter. 


Looking forward to seeing you there - click here to go directly to the group. 




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